Project Generation Gap

The Mission:

pggProject Generation Gap’s mission is to connect all generations to local food and to the land. We connect communities to the farmers who feed them while increasing access to fresh, nutrient dense food and educating communities about the benefits to both their health and local economy.

 “Project Generation Gap was founded to bridge the gaps that exist between farmers and consumers tradition and innovation, youth and elders”

Project Generation Gap was started by long time friends Janice Shell  and Sagdrina Jalal. Each given scary health diagnoses, they became determined to heal–by eating real food.  After researching the benefits of eating fresh, local, chemical and hormone free food, they started shopping at local farmer’s markets and meeting farmers. It didn’t take long for them to realize that their community wanted the same thing they did: access to healthy, nutritious, environmentally friendly food for their families.  They began to understand that there was a huge problem in regards to access to quality food.  Affordability, proximity, and educational support were some of the challenges expressed by members of the community.  While small scale farmers are committed to feeding their community,  they also spoke of difficulties connecting their food to consumers. Project Generation Gap was founded with these issues in mind, and seeks reconnect people to their food, their farmers, and each other.