Food Access

We seek to increase food access in the communities we work in through the following programs:

Community Garden

Norcross Community Garden

Our community garden is an important part of our mission of connecting folks to their food. Community members are welcome to come out to the Green House in Norcross, across the street from the future site of the Norcross Farmers Market.

Winter 2015: We’ve tucked the garden away for the winter, but sign up to get email updates from Project Generation Gap to find out more about how to participate, what we’re growing, and volunteer opportunities around springtime.


We are very excited to offer a weekly CSA  at the Norcross Farmers Market (starting April 2016). We’ll stock each share with fresh produce from our friends at the West Georgia Farmers Market, Doug’s Farm (Lilburn), and Clark’s Farm (Winder).

Because CSA shared Doug's Farmwill be picked up at the market, weekly shares can be paid for using SNAP dollars. We will work with Wholesome Wave Georgia to offer SNAP dollar doubling at this market, making our CSA more accessible to all communities.

Our CSA will be offered from the beginning of market season through the end of the year, even after market has ended, extending access to fresh, local fruits and vegetables.

Volunteer(s) needed: We are seeking a CSA coordinator to help distribute shares at the market and take payment. Please contact us if you are interested!

Capacity Building and Outreach at Farmers Markets

Project Generation Gap works with farmers markets to build capacity and outreach. We do this by:

PGG at Lilburn Farmers MarketHelping them set up to accept SNAP/EBT We help markets apply for equiptment and reach out to their communities to make residents aware of this new opportunity.

Leveraging Our Relationships We leverage our relationship with Wholesome Wave Georgia to help them double shoppers’ SNAP dollars, making markets even more accessible to lower-income shoppers. We also work closely with Georgia Organics to help market managers set up My Market Club at their markets.

Provide Incentive Program Support We help markets prepare to open by working with staff to structure and set up incentive programs and by recruiting and training volunteers.

We assist with implementing the Wholesome Wave program by processing sales, tallying tokens, and reporting to Wholesome Wave Georgia so markets can be reimbursed for their doubled SNAP dollars.

My Market Club at stone mountain farmers market

We help markets implement the My Market Program by sending out welcome emails to My Market Participants and developing fundraising to cover the cost of being part of My Market Club.

For the 2015 market season, we worked with the Lilburn and Stone Mountain Farmers Markets. For the 2016 season, we will be working with the Norcross Farmers Market.


Volunteer(s) needed (Norcross Market): General market support, EBT/SNAP support, incentive program support.  Please contact us to learn more about volunteering.